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I am a Thai and American Filmmaker, Screenwriter and Artist.


As a young mixed-race artist, my work often reflects on heritage and outsiderdom, escapism, hopelessness, and the confusion of assuming an identity. My writing, artworks, music and film are always an outreach to the human tendency for seeking belonging, for understanding the other; for trying to reason the unreasonable. Thus, the supernatural and Southeast asian folklore have also influenced my work. 

Being young puts the world behind a melancholic, sometimes hopeless, sometimes hopeful glass filter. There is a tint of reckless abandon in everything, and an even smaller bit of self-preservation and longing for sense or purpose. I reason with injustices and exclusions I've faced, and sometimes the conclusions take an understandable form; sometimes fervour throws it to the wind, and I just scream.

Currently based out of Oxford. Periodically working in Bangkok.

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